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Robotis Darwin-OP 2  Price Call

Bioloid G VIDEO  

Open ROV 2.8 Kit

Darwin Mini

[Darwin-OP vs Nao video]

 Bioloid Premium  Video

Mindstorm EV3 @Rp CALL
NAO Evolution H-25

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elev-8 V2 quadcopter kit @Rp16jt


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PHANTOM 3 Advanced price @Call

Hubsan Black 
@Rp call

Crazyflie smallest quadcopter @Rp call 

Iclebo ARTE @Rp call  

Winbot 930
@Rp Call
Winbot 730 @Rp call

Neato XV Signature Pro @Rp call

Scooba 390 @Rp call 

iRobot Braava 380t @Rp call 

Mint Plus @Rp Call   

4WD chasis Robot w/ Arm  
@Rp call
Robot Arm
Robot Humanoid
Robot Cleaner
Robot Android
Robot Arduino
Robot Toy for Kid
Robot for Education
Other Robot 

KSR10 Robotic Arm @Rp Call

AL5A Robot Arm @RpCALL

SG5-UT Full Kit
Smart Robotic  Arm Frame /Full Kit @Rp call

Big Gripper Hardware kit @Rp call 

Gripper Arm  @Rp call

uARM desktop Robotic Arm @Rp Call

Arexx Robot Arm @RpCALL
Robot for

Selamat datang di harga Robot - Twitter: @rosesana  YM:rosesana@yahoo.com e-mails: rosesana@gmail.com - rosesana@facebook.com Call/SMS/WhatsApp/Line/Telegram:08165443875
HEXBUG Nano @Rp call

Hubsan RED 
@Rp call
IQ BUG   @Rp2,5jt

Tamiya Wall Hugging Mouse  

Tamiya Sliding lady bug   

Robo kids #1 @Rp3,5jt

Robo kids #1 @Rp3,5jt

 Robo Kids #2 @Rp3,5jt

Animal Bot #1 dan #2 @Rp1,5,-

Ollo Bug Kit @Rp2,5jt  [Video] 

Ollo Figure Kit @Rp500rb
CES 2016 Las Vegas - Nevada - USA

7 Robot terbaik
7 Drone terbaik

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Robot Blog Facebook Fan Page  Robot Indonesia site

Robotis Play 300 Dino @Call

Robotis play 600 PETS @Call

Robotis Dream Lv2 @Rp3jt

Robotis Dream Lv1 @Rp3jt

Robotis Dream Lv3 @Rp3jt

Rope Dancer Robot @Rp450rb 
Ollo Dream @Rp40rb

Robotis Dream lv4 @Rp3jt

Bioloid STEM standard , VIDEO 

Bioloid STEM ExpansionVIDEO
Hexbug inchworm @Rp400rb

Ollo Inventor Kit @Rp5,5jt

Ollo Inventor Expansion Kit @Rp4jt

Hexbug Aquabot @Rp Call

Arexx Caterpillar

4WD mobile robot kit @Rp call 

2WD mobile robot kit @Rp call

3WD mobile robot kit @Rp call

Mr. General @Rp2,5jt 

Arexx Line Tracker@Rp550rb,- Video

Arexx line tracker V2@Rp590rb,-

 Asuro programmable@Rp1,5jt,- Video

2WD Mobile Platform for Arduino

Robot Line Tracking Arduino Shield
@Rp900rb,- [

Tank Robot Arduino Shield @Rp1,2jt,-

Activity Robot Kit

Robotic with boebot casing

Boe-bot kit @RpCALL

Sumobot competition kit@ VIDEO 

LineFollower (atmega168) @Rp1,2jt,- 

Arexx UGV Chasis @Rp900rb,-
DC motor
E-mail: rosesana@yahoo.com

Mini Bot @Rp Call 

Scribbler v2 @Rp 3,9jt

Arduino Robot @Rp call

ReCon 6.0 Programmable Rover

Omni Wheel (arduino compatible)

All Terrain Robot @Rp call

Androin bluetoot car @Rp call

Rover 5 w/ encoder

T3 transforming Robot OWI  

Hexapod MSR-H01 @Rp17jt,-[ VIDEO ]

Smart Hexapod Frame @

Phoenix Hexapod Frame @

PhantomX @Rp Call

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